Best WoW Keybinding Resource out there


I think I found the best guide out there so far.

It’s Yes’s guides on elitist jerks. So apparently he is quite a good player… and he used to play on my bg (Ruin). I never played him, but I was watching the blizzcon stream and someone said that he plays a druid now. Anyway, the blog is a little bit old but it’s awesome. It doesn’t have stuff on all classes, only on mages and on druids, but the keyboard layout thingies are so cool! I don’t know how he made them let me show you guys an example

WoW Keybinding

WoW Keybinding Hand Positioning

So as you can see here the best way to position your hand is like that. I really like the F key because it makes my hand rest comfortably on the spacebar and use up less movement to press the keys. I put intercept on f as warrior and blind on f as rogue.

Check out the guide here: It’s awesome.

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5 Responses to Best WoW Keybinding Resource out there

  1. Nik says:

    This is actually a pretty decent keybinds guide, thanks for sharing, but I found a better one for you :)

    It’s a bit old and some spells are outdated, but most of the core principles to binding still stand…

    Pretty sure you’ll agree.

  2. I agree with the post above and I will grab more information from here later when u update it

  3. I had a good time here nice keybindings!

  4. Duuraea says:

    Superb blog site about Best WoW Keybindings, nice

    but do you know keybindings for resto shamans? what should i use

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