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Fellow hunters, don’t fear! I know you’ve searched long and far to find the best keyboard keybinding layout for hunters, and we’ve got exactly what you’ve been looking for. We’ve got three layouts just for you, with Survival, Marksmanship and BM keybindings ready. Each one was oriented towards both playing the spec — but they are similar too, so if you ever decide to respec into a different spec, picking up the DPS rotations for that spec will be a breathe. Of course, good hunter keybinding layouts will have the traps and other utility skills bound to abilities that are easy to reach in a hurry. There’s nothing as awesome as a clutch scatter shot or frost trap to save your group in a time of need.

First, we’ve got Beast Mastery Hunters. This is a spec that relies strongly on our powerful pets, boosting the pet’s damage and allowing more exotic pets and pet abilities. Abilities like Kill Command, Steady Shot, Arcane Shot and Beast Within / Beastial Wrath are very important keybindings for this spec. The ability of a BM Hunter to dish out intense physical damage is never something your opponents should underestimate, and your pet, when powered by procs and abilities can practically solo things on itself. That’s why we are happy to show you what we think are the greatest Beast Mastery Hunter Keybindings. These are the best you’ll find anywhere in WoW!

The Marksmanship Hunter focuses on his weapon above anything else, be it a bow, a rifle or a crossbow. The boosts to the hunter’s ranged damage turn him from being simply a powerful ranged attacker to a deadly expert marksman. By gaining abilities such as Silencing Shot, Readiness, Chimera Shot and others, the Marksmanship Hunter focuses all his attention on dishing out damage to his foes from afar by utilizing his expertise with ranged weapons. A good Marskmanship Hunter Keybinding setup will have easy access to Aimed Shot, Steady Shot, and Chimera Shot, but it will also allow the hunter to use other utility skills and control his pet in combat. Check our our Keybinding layout for Marksmanship Hunters.

The experts of ranged elemental combat and Traps, the Survival hunter is a formidable ranged fighter focusing on his utility and ammunition. By crafting special ammunition, the Survival Hunter has access to skills such as Explosive Shot and Black Arrow. The expertise with traps and other abilities allows him to utilize them to greater advantage, trapping enemies while shooting from afar with deadly elemental attacks. The use of frost traps to activate Lock and Load allows the Survival hunter to fire many Explosive Shots in a row, being an essential PvP keybinding combo to use. Black Arrow and Explosive trap serve a similar role in PvE combat, allowing the hunter to unload arrow after arrow (or bullet after bullet). Our Survival Hunter Keybindings are great whether you’re into PvE or PvP.

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