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A powerhouse of physical combat, the Warrior is an archetypical death dealing machine, wielding any weapon he wishes to slay his enemies. The three warrior specializations reflect the flexibility of the warrior, and each one requires great keybindings to master stance switching. The warrior has the most abilities off the global cooldown (An ability that is off the global cooldown can be used at any time, and at the same time as other abilities. Pummel, Charge, Intercept, Battle, Berserker and Protection Stances, Shield Wall, Shield Block etc are among them along with many others, so having an optimized keybinding setup to execute the abilities that your mind is ordering your warrior to perform is essential. Expect your damage to greatly increase in all situations, especially those that feature a lot of movement and other other dynamic elements.

The Arms Warrior relies on his Rend ability to allow him constant use of the Overpower ability. Of course, the warrior’s other abilities can dish out incredible damage as well. Mortal Strike, Heroic Strike and Colossus Smash are important abilities to have a great keybinding for. Furthermore, the use of other situational abilities such as Slam, Bladestorm, Deadly Calm, Charge and Pummel, and many others requires the warrior to have truly a robust Arms Warrior keybinding setup. Below is one of the best keybinding setups possible.

The Fury Warrior wields multiple weapons at once to dish out insane amounts of damage to his opponent. Between Bloodthirst and Raging Blow, the special Fury skills are focused on doing damage. Of course, having great keybindings for other abilities such as Colossus Smash, Heroic Strike and Slam is what’s going to let you deal the most damage possible. Throw in healthy usage of abilities such as Recklessness, Death Wish and Blood Rage, and you will have all the damage you can wish… that is if you’re using these Fury Warrior keybindings!

The Protection warrior focuses on shielding his party from harm that may otherwise befall them if they were not under his vigilance. Wielding mighty and towering shields, he uses abilities such as Devastation, Shield Slam, Revenge and Heroic Strike along with more defensive oriented abilities like Shield Block, Shield Wall, Spell Reflection and Disarm. Using these abilities well can often mean the difference between life and death. Of course, the other warrior abilities such as Charge and Intervene can often save the warrior’s life as well, for example imagine intervening away from an enemy at low health, allowing your healers to restore you to full health as you charge back. Don’t miss out on using the amazing protection warrior keybindings.

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