Hey! I play a rogue and a warrior on the Arthas server, and I have a priest alt on Kil’Jaden. I like to try to figure out the best way to play this game. I’ve been a guild leader in Burning Crusade through Wrath of the Lich King, but I cut down my time because I was testing other video games. However, in the beginning of Cataclysm, I came back to raid and pvp again.. and I’ve been kicking ass! Anyway, I am glad you enjoy these keybindings. Confused how to make all these keybindings? Check out the this keybinding program now to solve all your keybinding issues. I strongly recommend you check this program out!

I like to try to figure out the best way to play this game. I’ve work as a professional game tester, and I’ve been over 2500 rating in arena, so I thought I’d share some of these keybindings with you.

They come from this awesome keybinding program that sets up the keybindings & does a lot of other awesome things… I strongly suggest you check it out! Click here or read my Review

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  1. Jack39 says:

    nice stuff but you gotta update more often i think

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