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A paladin might be a one dimensional character in usual role playing games, but a Paladin in World of Warcraft is nothing but that. While the inspiration for the class is from traditional RPGs, the ability to simply kick ass is something new to the WoW Paladin. The paladin can be a mighty warrior as Retribution paladin, a powerful tank wielding his shield and holy power to prevent his allies from harm, or a traditional healer role, utilizing healing spells such as Flash of Light, Divine Light and Holy Light. Traditionally, paladins were a holy warrior with healing capabilities, using their various auras to aid their party. The Cataclysm expansion brings a new dimension to a Paladins: Holy Power. This secondary resource is an essential thing to master in order to manage the various abilities that use it. The Holy power abilities can be very powerful healing spells or attack abilities to boost your damage or defensive capabilities, so managing the use of the various Holy Power abilities is essential to success as a paladin.

The most traditional Paladin specialization is the Holy Spec. A Holy Paladin focuses on his Healing prowess over everything else, becoming a powerful single target healer. The use of spells such as Holy Light, Holy Shock, Flash of Light and Divine Light, along with the spells that boost healing capability is the primary challenge that the Holy Paladin faces. Of course, the talents convert a lot of these casted spells into Holy Power that in turn can be used to cast Word of Glory, the new Cataclysm Heal. What’s great about it is that the spell is instant and costs no mana! And of course, the holy paladin can use party buffs such as Hand of Protection or Hand of Sacrifice to save his allies. So go ahead and check out the Holy Paladin Keybindings here.

A spec that rose to extreme prominence in the later stages of the Burning Crusade expansion, and stayed popular ever since is the Protection Paladin specialization . No other class or spec in the game can manage fighting multiple mobs as well as the Protection paladin. It’s the original AoE tank. A protection paladin’s keybindings need to focus on easy access to abilities such as Avenger’s Shield, Crusader Strike, Hammer of Righteousness and Shield of Righteousness. Easy keybinding access to protection abilities such as Divine Protection and Ardent Defender will differentiate the best Protection Tank from a mediocre one, but the keybindings for those have to be not easily hit accidentally. The last line of Defense for a Protection paladin is the Divine Shield, but that ability is risky to use! Take a look at the Protection Paladin Keybindings template.

The Retribution Paladin is a powerful warrior of light, unleashing holy spells to deal damage to all that stand in his way. The Ret paladin’s keybindings must focus on easy use of abilities such as Crusader Strike, Exorcism and Judgement, and to unleash the powerful Templar’s Verdict Attack. Of course, the Protection Paladin is no slouch when it comes to utility spells. They were the original owners of the Rebuke Spell to interrupt spells, and they can dish out powerful aids to their allies in the form of Word of Glory, Hand of Protection and Hand of Freedom. So go ahead and look at the Ret Paladin Keybindings.

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    Discretion in your speech is more important than eloquence of your way, and to speak agreeably in the gameplay of paladins and with regards to wow keybinding, in good order.

    That is the paladin way, and these keybindings show it.

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    It is best for the wise man not to seem wise.

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