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Warlocks can claim the most successful and powerful casters that have ever existed in World of Warcraft. Not only were they the only caster to get a variety of pets, but they had a plethora of powerful summoning and shadow abilities that have made a warlock a staple in any party. From the ability to hand out healthstones and revive people with soul stones, to the ability to summon a party member across the world, not to mention the power to summon various demons and deal tremendous damage with either shadow or fire spells, warlocks earn themselves the place in any party. Traditionally, Affliction Warlocks have been focused on damage over time on many targets, although they had strong single target damage as well, while providing healing to themselves. Demonology Warlocks excelled at controlling their pets, providing both themselves and their minions with powerful boosts and critical strike damage. And arguably the most threatening of them, Destruction Warlocks simply put out incredible burst damage at any foe willing to stand against them, conflagrating any enemy in a fiery display of pyromania rivaling even a fire mage.

An Affliction Warlock must focus on his Damage over Time spells to excel in combat, and good placement of those abilities is key to succeed. Abilities such as Unstable Affliction, Haunt and Drain life form the staple damage dealing tools for a Warlock. Hence, an Affliction Warlock Keybinding layout must focus on being able to deal great damage with these spells, but not forget about the basics such as corruption, bane of agony, shadow bolt and the various pet abilities. Having great reaction time because of great keybindings in combat is sure to boost your DPS and survivability as well, and make your enemies and friends feel in awe of your power.

A Demonology Warlock must have great use of basic attacks, such as Corruption, shadowbolt and immolate. However, using important pet abilities and summoning Infernals and Doom Guards, along with Metamorphosis is what will give you that extra boost in damage. So having a great Demonology Warlock Keybinding set to account for the special circumstances faced by you is essential, from moving pets correctly to managing a DPS rotation with things like Soul Fire.

A Destruction warlock reigns chaos upon his enemies, bolting them to death. You get it, right? Chaos bolt is the key, as is Conflagration, Incinerate and Immolate. These abilities form the staple tools and hence should be prioritized  in the Destruction Warlock keybinding setup. Of course, managing your pet and taking care of things such as Shadow Flame, Soul Fire, Corruption and other warlock abilities should not be overlooked. All these basic warlock abilities, which do not really vary that much between specs, are the key tools to mastering your class. Do not overlook the importance of spells not necessarily enhanced by your talent tree, as a well timed fear or howl of terror can easily save you in the most dire circumstances.

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