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Shamans are the masters of the elements, and they can bring destruction or relief depending on your spec. They are one of the most hybrid classes in the game, able to
swap roles completely depending on your spec. Shamans can further specialize themselves with different weapon enchants, from Earthliving to Flametounge and Windfury. To make playing a shaman a painless experience, you require a keybinding layout that allows maximum consistency and coherence between spells depending on specs, making the spec swapping experience an interesting one, instead of ‘so many buttons! and I can’t find my nature’s swiftness!’

Elemental shamans are a single target burst oriented spec. You bring to the table unparalleled burst with amazing support in form of totems and heroism / bloodlust. The Elemental shaman must manage his Flame Shock well, and react to both the Lava Burst coming off cooldown and being refreshed. The proper use of Elemental Mastery along with Heroism allows you to easily boost your damage and aid your party, and the ele shaman keybindings for those abilities must be good as well. In a PvP scenario, the use of utility spells such as Wind Shear, Tremor, Earthbinding and Grounding Totems distinguishes a top Elemental Shaman from the rest.

Enhancement is your up-close combat spec with quite powerful elemental-based melee damage, it’s extremely cooldown reliant, and knowning when to burn through cooldowns to create or relief pressure, and having these cooldowns in easy keybinds is paramount for having success. The use of your wolves along with managing the Maelstrom stack is what sets the top enhancement shaman apart from the rest, along with good keybindings for abilities such as Stormstrike or Lava Lash. PvP Enhancement Shaman Keybindings must also focus on abilities such as Purge, Hex, Wind Shear, Frost Shock and Tremor Totem.

Restoration is a healing spec for a Shaman. Out of all the healers, Shamans have the most unique healing style. The Earth Shield ability is the most important one for any restoration shaman, as it provides the most efficient healing in terms of both mana and output, and it boosts the power of other heals the shaman casts. In AoE situations, the shaman has access to Healing Rain and Chain Heal, and single target damage can be mended with different Healing Wave and Surge spells. Healing is further complicated by the shaman Deep Healing mastery and the Earthliving proc, so having the right spells keybound for a Restoration Shaman healing is essential. In PvP situations, the restoration shaman is very flexible, using the myriad totems at his disposal, and other utility spells such as Hex, Wind Shear and Purge.

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