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Hey Fellow Death Knights!

I am glad to bring to you the complete keybinding solutions and examples for all the three different specs. As we know, death knights are powerful melee fighters with disease based combat attacks and runepower along with frost, unholy and blood runes. Having good keybindings to maximize the use of all the abilities death knights have are essential to succeed in PVP and PvE.

First and foremost, we’ve got our blood death knight keybinding Blood Death Knight Keybindings. This is mostly a tanking spec, so the focus is on easy access to the survivability cooldowns and to keep aggro well in raids. Heart strike, death strike, icebound fortitude, rune weapon, and anti-magic shell are some important abilities that Blood DKs must use. Check out the Blood Death Knight key binding layout here.

Second, we’ve got the always scary frostdeath knight keybinding Frost Death Knight Keybindings. The purpose of being a frost death knight, whether you’re playing a dual wield spec or a single mightly two handed weapon spec is to deal as much damage as possible. In PvP, of course, you can always use your powerful frost spells to both stop your opponents in their tracks and to deal magical damage. Frost strike and howling blast are important, but so is obliterate. Check out the Frost Death Knight key bindings layout!

And last, but by no means least, we’ve got the true disease master Death Knights, the mighty unholy death knight keybinding Unholy Death Knight Keybindings. The pet control is important as this spec, but so is the upkeep of diseases. No other spec of death knights suffers so much from letting diseases fall off as the Unholy Death Knight, so using Plague strike, Chains of ice or Icy touch, along with outbreak, scourge strike, festering strike and the Pet is the most important part of having good keybinding. So take a look at the best Unholy Death Knight Keybindings.

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