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Restoration Shaman Keybindings

A Restoration Shaman is the force standing behind his otherwise invulnerable allies. However, without the shaman’s healing output the allies that otherwise seem so impossible to kill would easily die, and it is your role to keep up your group! … Continue reading

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Enhancement Shaman Keybindings

An Enhancement Shaman is a powerful melee fighter combining expert use of dual wielded two weapons with the elemental power of abilities such as Flame Shock, Lightning Bolt and Lava Lash. Don’t forget to throw down a searing totem to … Continue reading

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Elemental Shaman Keybindings

An Elemental Shaman unleashes tremendous damage upon his enemies by channeling the elemental fire and lightning spells. Your Flame Shock and Lava Burst form a tremendous combo together capable of dealing a lot of damage and having great synergy with … Continue reading

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