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If you’re looking for the best keybindings, you’ve come to the right place.

Please take a look at our death knight Death Knight, druid Druid, hunter Hunter, mageMage, paladin Paladin, priest Priest, shaman Shaman, rogue Rogue, warlock Warlock and warriorWarrior sections in case you’re looking for specific keybindings. Also, feel free to use the links above in the menu to navigate directly to the keybinding setups for each spec. These keybindings are designed and used by the best gamers out there, so you can know for sure you will play better with them.

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What is a WoW keybinding: It’s is a shortcut that enables you to use any ability in WoW, be it a healing spell like Holy Light, an instant attack like Mortal Strike or anything in between. You can even keybind macros and other things to make your gameplay a lot smoother and easier. Playing with keybindings is the best thing you could possibly do. They will increase your DPS, allow you to be more aware of your surroundings, let you react to surprise things like others attacking you, and they will make you more fluid with your character. Don’t you sometimes wish that your toon would react to what you want it to do, but you just couldn’t click fast enough or use the right spell? Well, that’s exactly what WoW Keybinding will solve, they will let you take better control of your character and let you really do all the things in-game that you can imagine, but sometimes can’t seem to pull off. So take a look at our section with full wow keybindings for every World of Warcraft Character Class and for every Specialization!

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